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Just wondering. I thought it was Iris, but Roxie looks really young too. Iris is also technically a co-leader.

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pretty sure its tate and liza but im not sure
Yeah most likely
Youngster Joey.
^ seconded that :D
XD im youngster Joey.

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There is a bit of speculation as to who is the youngest. In Gen. 3, it is the twins Liza and Tate. In Gen. 4 it's Maylene. And in Gen. 5 it's Iris, who is 10 years old. If we knew the ages of the others, the answer would be much simpler.

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WHAT?? Iris is only 10?
Iris should be Ash's age, and Ash is widely accepted by the fanbase as 10 (and immortal).
Dat immortal :3