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Counting from the very beginning, not counting different editions, how many different Pokemon TCG cards are there?

I think it used to be 9,8 something.
do you mean like every  single pokemon card? ;o
Yup, each and every different card.
Does that include reprints? Example, the Base 2 set.
I think I would say no to that @trach. I would still consider them the same card.

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This isn't really much of an answer but 2 years ago, before the Arceus set came out there were 9184 unique Pokemon card types not including promos
However if you wanted to know every single different Pokemon card... my advice would be to ring Nintendo. :P
I don't think it's possible to count the number, considering you could technically include fake cards, different editions etc. etc.

Sorry for the dodgy answer. :L

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