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How to evolve Buneary into Lopunny faster?

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I've been waiting and battling with buneary.. but still it hasn't evolved yet.. I know it needs happiness, so how to make buneary happy faster?

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Since it evolves with high friendship, do things such as:

  • give it a Soothe Bell
  • feed it EV reducing berries or vitamins
  • level it up
  • give it massages/ grooming
  • feed it meals at Join Avenue

Just walking around with it will also help, so maybe give it an Exp. Share and fight with a more experienced Pokemon in its place. I don't know which generation this is and what you have to work with, so that's all the info I can give.

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Source: Serebii

Way to increase happiness

-Having the Pokémon in your party
-Giving it Vitamins
-Giving it a massage in Pallet Town, Goldenrod City, Veilstone City, Castelia City or Ribbon Syndicate
-Giving it Certain Berries
-Gaining a Level
-Join Avenue Item

Ways to decrease happiness

-Feeding it berries it doesnt like
-Letting it faint continuously in battle

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This has basically been asked like here just replace eevee with buneary. Just your Basic, soothe bell dont use the bitter medicines, try not to let it faint and dont walk around with it when it has a status condition.

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The best way to deal with happiness evolutions is to make sure the Pokemon is at a really low level, equip it with a Soothe Bell, and fight a high level Audino or any other Pokemon that gives high exp such as heracross or any other evolved Pokemon. Send out the Pokemon you want to evolve first your buneary ofcourse, then switch it into a strong Pokemon with Explosion and use the move. The low level Pokemon will gain a ton of levels and should evolve after the battle is over.That worked out for me the extra thing that I did was that I took care that it didn't faint and not to give it bitter things and walk a lot with it in the first place . Get it some massages or something . Give it berries it likes.
Give it vitamins or ev increasing medicines . My Chansey evolved into blissey after it got approx 200 evs in hp .

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