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i finally got a buneary, and I'm going to breed it (mainly for the purpose of the horrible nickname it was given when I got it), and give it a couple of egg moves. I have no idea what areas to ev train my buneary in however. also I know that one of the egg moves that I want it to have is a punch move, but I'm not sure on which one would be best.

what would be the best fields to ev train in, and what would be the best moves to give it in order to gain good coverage and allow it to last in battles longer?

(other information: its a lonely nature, so I'm not sure if this is ideal. and its a male one, so I'm going to need to breed female to get the egg moves)

(also am I the only one whose noticed how good normal types are? they get some of the best coverage in battle and can really hit hard!)

To be honest, what you should be using Lopunny for is its Klutz ability. Otherwise, there are better Normal-type Pokemon out there to use as physical sweepers, like Skill Link Cinccino, Staraptor or Huge Power Diggersby.

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its depends on what you wants. if you want she/him to be a special attacker (hopefully not) you should ev train in sp.atk and speed, and give him an modest nature (+sp.atk - atk) . if you want it to be a physical attacker: adamant (+atk -sp.atk) and ev train in speed and attack. if you want a tank: bold/impish/something else defense or sp. defense raising and 252 hp, 252 sp.def/def. so, its depends on what you want:)

hope I helped:)

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cheers, i think ill go with the adamant nature, get a physical sweeper. if its good enough i can use it to replace my ambipom or my mienshao. do you have any ideas on move set?
Ambipom and Mienshao out class Lopunny as physical sweepers; they shouldn't be replaced.
i might have to get my various sweepers rated then...
i honestly agree with fondant, however, loppuny can also do some other (gimmicky) things which neither mienshao, nor ampibom can do. thanks to its ability klutz. a good set to seriously cripple your opponent would be.

lopunny(F)@flame orb/lagging tail
trait: klutz
jolly nature
-rest/mirror coat

as i said. extremely gimmicky and nothing to use competitive, but extremely funny against a friend who is not using a fire type. this will seriously cripple your opponent, and is loppunys best roles which can not be replaced by ampibom or mienshao

if you still want to use it as a physical attacker, this could be a good sweeper in NU

trait: cute charm
adamant nature
-thunder punch/drain punch
-work up
-fire punch/ bounce/ high jump kick/ return
-ice punch
hmm i never actually thought to use lopunny like that, and now i see a lay out for it, i like the sound of it. i think i might make it an adamant one with mirror coat, sky uppercut/drain punch, work up, fire punch and the cute charm ability.
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I would suggest you Ev train it in attack and speed beacause of the nature and Lopunny has good base speed stat. As for moves,give it the punch move that suits your team well or you can give it all the punch moves! I would recommend giving it protect too just in case.

Here are the lists of Lopunny's egg moves and its stats and everything:


Hope I helped!

thank you. i think ill go with fire punch because i always seem to lack a fire type, and i think ill give it sky upper cut to get some type coverage in there. is there a stat boosting move you would recommend it having?