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trying to do ev training but I dont want to waste time super training

I find that while Super Training isn't the fastest, it's a lot more precise with regards to how much of what EV you're looking for.  It is also a time savings, I find, over "Hoard flushing".
Really? When I Super Trained Pokémon it always took ~ 1.5 hours if I was fast. Horde Training always took less than 30 minutes.

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If you want to efficiently EV train, the best way is horde training. A couple of tips and notes:

– You'll want a Pokémon that knows Sweet Scent in your party. It will attract hordes 100% of the time when used in an area where you can encounter Pokémon via walking.

– If the EXP Share is turned on, the EVs gained will be shared with all Pokémon in your party. This can be useful if you want to train multiple Pokémon in, say, Defence.

– Use spread moves, preferably ones with perfect accuracy and aren't ineffective against certain Pokémon (for example, Earthquake can't hit Levitating or Flying Pokémon.)

– Horde training is only really useful for maxing out a certain stat with the full 252 EVs. For more complex spreads, Super Training is better.

– Have the Pokémon hold a power item that corresponds with the stat you want to raise, and if possible give it Pokérus. This will max out your stat in just a few hordes.

Alright, so now that that's out of the way, here are some locations where you are guaranteed to encounter only Pokémon that give off specific EVs.


Rusturf Tunnel
Yields HP EVs


Mt. Pyre interior
Yields Attack EVs


Route 119
Yield Special Attack EVs


Route 111
Yields Defence EVs


Route 115
Yields Special Defence EVs

zig tail gull

Zigzagoon / Taillow / Wingull
Route 104
Yield Speed EVs
While the encounter rate is not 100% for each Pokémon, together all of them give Speed EVs so in the end it doesn't really matter.

Good luck EV training!

Thanks! This is really helpful!
Although you say Horde Training is ineffective for complex sets, I have done it in the past and it is actually quite easy. If you have Pokerus + Power Item + Horse, you get 10 per Pokémon and 50 per horde. Simply defeat 50s to get to the nearest 50 (Don't do any of necessary, simply defeat several Pokemon in the horde, going to the nearest 10). Then remove the Power Item and defeat singular Pokémon for 2 EVs, and there ya go.
A strategy that I myself have used. But, I am super paranoid about miscalculating EVs so usually I do Super Training. It CAN be used effectively for effective sets, as you mentioned.