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I've been thinking a lot about this, and with the addition of the new generation coming out this year, I wondering if GameFreak will ever make an universal Pokemon game? One that follows the entire Pokemon saga from the beginnings in Pallet town and all the way through all the series and movies. Because that would be the greatest game ever!!

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I really like that idea.. except you have to like leave your pokemon in a box when u go to a new region. +1

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What if they set it to where once you leave a region to go and complete the next you send your Pokemon back to the professor of each region you just left and you get to choose a new starter.

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That would probably be the most effective method of continuing without having to use Lvl. 100's through the later regions. If you were able to trade in your gear and pokemon for "safe keeping" with the regions professor before you advanced that would make it so you could continue with the same excitement and ability to train. And then at the end of the game make A huge Battle frontier that incorporates every generation in the battles and challenges.
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No, because they know that would not be efficient for the gameplay and for the profits. If you start with the game, they wouldn't be able to incorporate all the Pokemon. Your Pokemon would already turn to level 100, and still you have more than half of your Pokemon left un catched.

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Im only asking as a suggestion. Because once they are officially done making new generations I feel that a lot of people are gonna miss it. I know i will! And so if they made a generations/universe game it would give them the ability to still make money one final time off of the Pokemon franchise and everyone who still wants to play and experience pokemon has another opportunity to do so. Plus if they incorporated all the movies and parts from the series, like the Orange League for example, it would give a new experience when playing
Wait. When was there news about Pokemon saying that they're finished with making new generations? It's such a lucrative franchise, why would they ever stop? I can foresee Generation 30 when I'm sitting in a rocking chair.

Also, do you know how much information is squeezed onto that tiny DS catridge? The graphics, the programming, the interactions, the animations of every single Pokemon, every single move... they increase with each generation as people transfer their Pokemon from previous games.
There was no news about them stopping to make more generations. And idk why they would ever stop, but if they were to, for the sake of just thinking about it. I have a fairly good idea about how much goes into one of those cartridges. But why does it have to be on just DS or 3DS? By the time they finish making pokemon for good im sure they'll have the capabilities to put the entire pokemon series and franchise into a big RPG for the fans on whatever system they choose to platform
I just thought it was a super cool concept that I hope they try when it's all said and done
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It would be fun, but we must look at this realistically. As mentioned before me the game cartridge will not be able to contain all this as for now. And tbh probably also in the future since that "Universal Pokemon game" will probably not be made in the 2nd dimension as they previously were and will probably also be made in the 3rd and advanced generation that has and would take a lot of bytes to make and this would be rather impossible since Pokemon games contain a lot of different features and combining all those adhesive features into one gameisn't exactly something a person or a company would immediately do since it doesn't only cost a lot of energy but also a lot of money and repairing bugs before they would release the game before the release isn't really an option. Also, GAME FREAK doesn't look close to ending Pokemon right now since they really enjoy making it and it isn't exactly an extremely old game compared to the Mario and Kid Icarus saga which have been active for over 25 years

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