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In Gen I, I know the Pokemon cries are mostly sped up and altered etc., but with the instances of Rhyhorn and Charizard, they have the same sounds, so you cant exactly differentiate them by their cries by hearing them like you can with other Pokemon. There may be others in Gen I, but I just wanted to know if they have done that again in the future, it's very disturbing as I can oddly differentiate Pokemon by their cries.

P.S. Electabuzz has the most ear-bleedingly terribad cry T_T

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Actually yes this has happened in future generations. For exemple in gen-4 if you listen to machop and omanyte's cry you can see that they are pretty much the same.
These cries may actually have differences but they are very hard to distinguish.

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Ditto and Poliwag. :3
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No, no other Pokemon after Gen I has shared a cry with another. Of course, the Gen I Pokemon kept their cries and remained the same, i.e. Rhyhorn and Charizard, Machop and Omanyte, and Caterpie and Goldeen.

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