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My freind would trade me a shiny ditto for a Magmar holding magmariser then is ditto really worth it?

Ditto's a ****

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Without its Hidden Ability, Imposter, Ditto is pretty worthless, being so slow that nearly all Pokemon will be able to outspeed it.

The common use of it on Showdown is to have an Imposter Ditto Scarfed in order to check the moveset of your opponent's lead.

And who cares if a Ditto's shiny? It's going to transform into something else anyway, and copy the opposing Pokemon's normal/ shiny status.

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Do you think I should trade my lv 54 magmar ev trained for a shiny ditto it will be my first shiny pokemon
Eh... if you're really desperate for a shiny, then sure, since Magmar wouldn't be hard to catch back, but personally, I would only trade for a shiny Pokemon I'd actually use in battle. And like I say, shiny Ditto is pointless, because it will *have* to transform for it to be able to do anything, rendering its shiny status irrelevant.
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If its from a different country a shiny ditto could be very helpful to breed for Shinies. if its foreign its less useful but still good.

Yea, but I mean... that Ditto doesn't need to be shiny, just needs to be foreign. Shininess in parents makes no difference in breeding, so Shiny Ditto is worthless (personal opinion).