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I need a battle factory strategy?

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I am really bad I got to the boss 2or3 times but lost badly each time.

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I'm quite bad at the battle factory too, but I get further when I take note of what moves the opposing pokemon have. So when you go to change you can switch out your weakest pokemon for a good one.

In your first pick get the ones with he highest stats and try and cover all the types. At least one defensive pokemon and 1-2 sweepers is good.

A ghost type comes in very handy to resist normal/fighting. Also make sure you have something that will beat Shedinja, either type advantage or status move like toxic.

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Factory is the rental place right? Well, what I do is start off with three Pokemon who are good, have good moves, items, stats, etc. As you go on, add a Pokemon who caused you a lot of trouble to your team, while also making your team diverse in typing and stats.

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