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I cannot win them, I'm horrible at it because 1. I can't choose good Pokemon, because, I can't breed for crap.
And 2. THEY ALWAYS HAVE SUPER EFFECTIVE POKEMON! So are there any good teams that can help me win easily? Please. Thanks.

I think a good strategy is to have dragon dance, quiver dance, or shift gear on every Pokemon on your team. The other three moves should give neutral coverage.
I can't seem to win any battle royals lately... I used to be really good at them but after everyone, including me, transferred, I can't seem to win any! If anyone can answer this question, please answer it for me too!
I've heard that Minimize Alolan Muk and Explosion Swords Dance Silvally are both decent in AI Royales.
Being good at the game helps
Thank you alot. I'll try my best do do this right, it helps.
And Pooka, shut up.

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Have a Pokemon that have moves that can hit multiple Pokemon at once (e.g. Dazzling Gleam, Surf, and Earthquake.) You should also have a Mimikyu on your team, courtesy of Disguise, or have Rest and Chesto Berry, Protect, Detect, etc. Also, go to the moveset checker to see what Pokemon have the most coverage. Since I already calculated that, the answer would be Electric, Ice, Ground, and Fighting. Mega Kangaskhan (Post Game Only), Electivire, Kangaskhan, Gengar, and Chansey (in order in most to least recommended) can learn these typed moves. Hope I helped!


Have a Kangaskhan with either its Mega Stone or a berry with Earthquake, and attacking Electric, Fighting, and Ice moves that can hit multiple Pokemon if possible.

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Running protect, or substitute really comes in handy for scouting, and can let your counters get taken out by other opponents. I don't advise hard switching too often, as you never know what is coming your way, so I like u-turn/volt switch for this. They really help you shuffle around while capitalizing on kills. You should also have the odd board encompassing move. Personally I find 2 bulkier Pokemon, and one sweeper, with the right coverage do the best, but what works for me might not work for you. In the end though there is a lot of luck involved as the AI can sometimes acts unpredictably, or team up on you. It's kinda trial, and error, dealing with it's bull#[email protected]% because literally everything.... but the toughest legends, and special Pokemon is fair game to come up against in these Royals, including all the mega Pokemon you can't get in game.

I've been using Av Mudsdale/Life Orb Jolteon/ Sub-Punch Lefties Poliwrath. I've been winning most of the time or at least surviving through them.