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After I complete the battle tower, I'm taking on the battle factory so any general tips I need to know?


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Consider all of your options for a strategy when you are choosing your team. If you think an opponent has a good strategy, change your team to theirs when you beat them. If you are playing doubles then pick your first two mons as things that can compliment each other. If you’re playing singles, you might be better off using a varied team.

Balance your team. You need lots of different roles on your team. For example, you don’t need to have multiple stallers or sweepers. I would recommend something that can heal reliably.

Be prepared for the frontier brain, Thorton. He generally uses some of the best mons with the best strategy. If you don’t want to battle him, do something else between each round of matches (there are seven matches to a round). You will always battle Thorton on the last match of the third consecutive round.

Some of the best mons:

Sceptile - great sweeper, has priority and potential to screw the enemy up with screech.

Medicham - although you may not think so, this thing is amazing when it’s used right. You just have to use endure, then reversal and keep spamming reversal.

The pseudo legendaries except for Dragonite - great potential. Especially Garchomp which can activate its sand veil ability with sandstorm.

Milotic - especially with attract. I think it might have recover as well which makes it even better. It can both stall and sweep to your heart’s content. This is probably the best and safest mon on this list strategy-wise.

Eeveelutions - all of them are great. The best ones would be Espeon and Leafeon though as they can both set up using calm mind or swords dance and then use baton pass to send the stat boosts to a different member of your team.

NOTE: I’m not including the lvl 50 mode because the it doesn’t really matter what you do in them (they’re much easier!)

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There's little room for stall. With only three Pokemon on your team, should your opponent get a lucky hit against one of your team, or put them to sleep, you'll find your defensive capabilities quickly breaking down. Though being able to take hits is nice, you really want to be dealing them out to position the battle in your favor. With the many advantages the AI already has over you, you can't afford to let it set the pace!

How to build a good non-stall team:
Use different types of Pokemon.
Use Pokemon with a strong attack stat.
Use Pokemon that know a strong and reliable STAB attack, not the Quagsire with body slam, rock slide, ice beam, and brick break.
Use Pokemon that know different types of attacks, not the Forretress with gyro ball, counter, spikes, and mirror shot.
Use Pokemon whose attack moves use a strong attack stat, not the Rhydon with ice beam, thunderbolt, dragon pulse, and surf.

Whenever your opponent reveals a Pokemon or a move, refer to this page and try to guess which moveset the opponent has.

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There really isn't any tips for the factory. The thing is you and your opponents, frontier brain included, are only allowed to use rental Pokemon so it is all up to luck if you get good ones or not.

You choose 3 Pokemon when it gives you 6 of them, and you need strategy to choose the 3 best ones.