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I have every other place but not here every time it so dumb I am losing probably becuase they weren't raised by me

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Where is the battle factory? Is there any place called battle factory?
The battle factory is one of the zones in the Battle Frontier.

Also, why is this question getting voted down? It's a perfectly legitimate question.
Oops...sorry, i dont mean to! i guess it is battle frontier, not battle factory... Here, i give you 1 plus!
what i do before i pick my poke is i look at there summary and moves but if you trade pokemon with you opponent you cant check there summary so you have to get all the info on what moves they know when you battle them

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I find the Battle Factory quite hard too. The only advice I can give is to know which pokemon are better and choose ones with good type coverage.

And when you battle others, remember what pokemon they had and if they had any good moves. You tend to find the strong pokemon have worse moves and weaker ones have some good moves :(

thank you i hope i can beat it next time luckily i have memorized every types strengths and weaknessess
Wow... This site is give me a lot of knowlegde! Thanks to Pokemaster and to this site!
you sure know alot ,thanks