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I've reached the Elite 4 and he won't give me a Dratini.Why ?


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In order to get the Dratini from the Master in the Dragon's Den, you must first have gotten the badge, answered the quiz and got the TM from Clair. Surf west and north past the Whirlpool and return to near the entrance of the Den and Clair will give you the TM (this is probably the part your missing out on ;o)
You must also have a spare space on your team


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thanks guys !
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One of few reasons:

  1. You don't have a space in your party
  2. You haven't taken the test yet
  3. You've already got one and you forgot
  4. You haven't exited the temple/ den yet (forgot which one), and until you do, the elder will say the same line
  5. Your game's glitched

Even when answering the questions incorrectly, you'll still get a Dratini, just not one with Extremespeed.

I can only assume you beat Clair, since you need all 8 badges to proceed to the E4.