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THe tutor says it can't learn it. Does it have to be a certain leval or something??

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no. draco meteor is based on how much your pokemon likes you ,the more you train your pokemon
the faster you can learn draco meteor. also i wouldn't ask this question because im sure it said your pokemon needs to be more friendly or like you more its a pretty big hint but

your welcome ':)

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atually the tutor dident say that. why else do you think I asked!
yes they do
no i dident ... each of us brought diffrent information
yah well nice answer we both did great
"max happiness"
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well the answer is simple :

your dratini dosent like you that much, the solustion to this is quite easy :

train it ,keep it from fainting, feed it vitamins and walk with it .
all of these actions will get it to like you and im sure you will have an awesome dragonite that will love you :)

so good luck and hope this helps you :D

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you owned my answer
Yes he did :P
i noticed my english was pretty bad back then so i decided to fix it :)