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My Dragonite has Dragon Claw, Thunderbolt (for now until I learn Hurricane), Earthquake, and Fire Blast. I was thinking I would put Draco Meteor instead of Dragon Claw but I want your opinions first.

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Draco Meteor is a good move for Dragonite. A mixed attacking Dragonite has its uses, as it can take down specialized walls (special walls, physical walls). Dragonite has the high powered kind of attacks needed to run a mixed set. Dragonite isn't going to be in there long before an Ice type is brought out, so make the most of Dragonite with Metoer. Also, your moveset would be almost exactly like the perfect mixed Dragonite set when you've replaced Dragon Claw with Meteor. Thunderbolt would be replaced by Extremespeed, but since this guy doesn't have it, you can make do with something like Waterfall instead, not Hurricane due to incredibly poor accuracy. Unless this is for a Rain team, in which the preferred set would be Waterfall, Hurricane, Thunder, and then the move of your choice (Dragon Pulse, Roost, Agility).

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No, Draco Meteor is one of the worst STAB possibilities for Dragonite.
1) Dragonite is a PHYSICAL Attacker, not a special. 2) Draco Meteor sharply reduces SP.ATTACK, so Mabye the move is strong the first use, but on the second... basically Dragon Pulse. Again, Dragonbreath.

A good replacement would be Dragon Claw (Of Outrage if you want to risk Confusion)

Special dragonite is common in competetive pokemon battling.
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Please, stop looking only at what moves have the most power, also look at if the pokemon has high Atk, Sp.atk or about equal.
Dragonite can be used as a Sp.Atker too but i think physical Dragonite is better.
For example, you have Fire Blast on Dragonite, definitely replace that with fire punch, yes, Fire Blast has more base power but fire punch is a physical move wich Dragonite has better in not to mention it fixes the skitty accuracy of fireblast.
I say have Dragon Claw or Outrage.
I think you'll make the most use out of it if you use it as a Physical attacker.

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Yeah, I changed it to fire punch instead of fire blast after I asked this.
stop looking at most power.best advice ever.my torterra sucked befor i did that.before all his moves where special but earthquake.