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My Dragonite Knows :

Fire Punch
Thunder Wave

I'm planning to replace Thunder Wave with Hurricane.Is it a good idea ?


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Probably not. There are some conditions though.

Dargonite's Attack is better than it's Special, and wasting it on an inaccurate Special move is probably not the way to go. Your current set is fine, but replace Safeguard as it hasn't much use since it doesn't cure Outrage. However, if you want to change to a Special set, this move is very reasonable in Rain.


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Yes and no.
Your Dragonite set would be much better off without the Safeguard, as it does not protect you from the Outrage confusion.
Thunder wave will make your foe slower, allowing you to pull of a few Outrages without much trouble.
Outrage has a high chance of OHKO'ing 2 or 3 of your opponents Pokemon.
And Fire Punch is good coverage against the x4 Ice type weakness.
Now going to your idea about Hurricane, it might be best for you to teach it Wing attack instead. Full 100% accuracy STAB which is better as Dragonite is waaaaay more of a physical attacker.

So your full set:

-Fire Punch
-Wing Attack
-Thunder Wave

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I will keep Outrage and Fire punch, but i'm not sure about his other 2 moves,
Will it be Hurricane and Thunderwave ?
Yes that would be the set I am talking about. But if you want...teach it wing attack over Hurricane. Nice STAB with full accuracy and Dragonite is stronger in th physical side so it will deal possibly more damage than Hurricane.
thanks a lot, it makes sense now :D
Happy to help! =D
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When it is used in rain,it would be good,but I would suggest you to not have hurricane as I can see your dragonite is a physical attacker.So keep a move like superpower for more coverage.