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He has the moves

Extreme speed
Dragon claw
Dragon dance
Iron head/ earthquake

Which move is better for dragonite? And if any other move needs to be replace please let me know also, thanks!


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Earthquake is a better option than Iron Head, because even though Iron Head slays Fairies, you're extremely weak to Steel types with this set. Earthquake also provides superior coverage overall. Fire Punch can be another alternative if you suffer to KO Ferrothorn.

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Neither, in my opinion.

Your average Dragonite has the moveset formula of Dragon Dance / Dragon Claw / Extreme Speed / Fire Punch, letting it not be completely walled by Steel types. However, out of the two moves you put up, I would opt for Earthquake.

This lets you nail Heatran and Ferrothron, who otherwise wall the heck out of Dragonite. Iron Head looks good on paper as a check to Ice- and Fairy-types, but in practice it usually doesn't perform as well as Earthquake (or Fire Punch).

Iron Head would be a good option if your team suffers heavily from Fairies and Ice-types, but otherwise use Earthquake.