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I have a Haxorous and he has two Dragon Type moves plus if I used them they would get STAB and if I give him a Draco Plate how much more damage would one of my dragon moves be if their base power is 80 because it raises the move by 20%? How much is that, including the STAB?


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80 Base Power+STAB(40)=120 Base Power

120+Draco Plate(24)=144 Base Power

You're better off going with a Life Orb or a Choice Band which boost the Attack Stat and causes heavier damage than the Draco Plate.


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80(Base Damage) + 40(STAB) + 24(Draco Plate) = 144 Base Total

Wasn't that hard to figure out.

i didn't know how much stab gave and how much the plate gave so i asked