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Must be some!
Like wasting turns in launcher battle.


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Splash is a non-damaging Normal-type move introduced in Generation I.
Prior to Generation II, it was the signature move of Magikarp. It
has no effect whatsoever in the main series games.

In Pokémon mystery dungeon
> The user will move to a random different tile one ratio away. The user
> will inflict 5 damage to itself and the opponent if the move comes in
> contact with another Pokémon

In the main Pokémon games splash will never ever do any damage, sorry to disappoint you


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Damn you beat me :( agh, I don't mind. This is what I was using- http://pokemondb.net/move/splash
I was finally fast enough! :D
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the only use it has is on emeralds Pokemon contests if you go last it gets like 6 stars