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I don't have the games yet so I'm relying on web site information, and I've read that status moves can be upgraded. One in particular is splash, which apparently when Z-powered boosts attack by 3. This isn't the only status move to get a major boost, but I felt was the most notable one, have I read these correctly?

Maybe not "viable," but it certainly has a gimmick now. Imagine a +3 Gyarados after one turn, or a +3 Azumarill without the HP drop from Belly Drum (but half the Attack).
The only Pokemon I see it actually working on is Lopunny. All other Pokemon that can learn spash are not fast enough to avoid revenge kills without speed boosts. (that's why Gyarados usually relies on dragon dance)

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Yes it's true, using "Z-Splash" will increase Attack by 3 stages (2.5x usual power).

It's good, but it seems unlikely to become "viable" IMO. You can only use one Z-Move per battle, so if you switch out and back in, your boost will be lost. Z-Moves also require holding the Z-Crystal, so you can't hold other items. You're probably better off using a Choice item.

I guess it's possible that Magikarp or Hoppip could see use in Little Cup, but that's about it.

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