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Tips on beating elite 4 in SS?

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My Pokemon are typhlosion, Lugia, raikou, tentacruel, dragonair, and fearow. They are below level 46.

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There is a huge problem of them all being below level 46... You should level up them to 60, because Lance (The champion) Will crush your Pokémon with Dragonites. His Pokémon I think are at 50-55 and I couldn't beat anyone in the elite four without being level 60. So, just keep leveling your Pokémon up till they are level 60, and you should win.
Also another thing I used in my method is to switch my Pokémon when I went to the next elite. also I brought a lot of the Max Elixers Revives and Full Restores.

That should be enough to get you completely through the elite four.

Hope I helped, and if anything is unclear, let me know!

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Thanks, but lances strongest dragonite is level 50
Well, I was close enough at least. But his dragonites are sure to crush your team without the strategy I gave you.
you couldn't win until level 60?!?!? damn you must suck, m first time i felt OP at level 50
Don't tell people they suck...
??? ok
you couldn't win until level 60?!?!? damn you must be a little out of Practice, my  first time i felt OP at level 50
Well, it was my veeerrryyy first time at the league. I might be better this time as I slowly make my way to the league
(I have battled the league about 10 times in this game from reseting.)
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Well, raikou and typhlosion will take take of Will, lugia and typhlosion wil take care of Koga, and lugia and tentacruel will take care of Bruno. Karen is where your are going to run into problems since you dont have anything good against dark types, you need to get yourself, a fighting type or, preferebly, a bug type since she also has a viplume. I would also get a quagsire or a rock type to help out if needed against Karen's houdoom and later on against Lance's Charizard. Lance shouldnt be too bad as long as you teach tentacruel ice beam or blizzard. But make sure to pack enough revives and potions as well as a few elixirs. Dragonair and fearow are the ones I would replace since they wont really provide much help.

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People are overrestimating Lance! I just restarted my game and took out the whole elite four and Lance with Pokemon below lvl 45. Most of them starting at lvl 40 too!

My team: Feraligatr, Sneasel, Manectric, Toxicroak, Xatu and Sceptile. Feraligatr being the only one that wasnt lvl 40

You just gotta buy lots of full heals, hyper potion/full restore and revive! AND you gotta know how to use and when to use your Pokemon!

Will: Dark is good against everyone, Grass good against his Slowpoke, Fire good against his exeggcutor

Koga: Psychic good against most of his team + especially taking out Muk. Fire good against Venomoth, Ariados and Forretress [4x weakness!!!]

Bruno: Basically flying and Psychic. Water and Grass good against his Onix

Karen: Burn that Vileplume! Bug and Fighting should do great on all her Pokemon though, since they're hard to get, a Pokemon that can take down Umbreon and Gengar should do. Plus water on Houndoom

And them onward to Lance!

Lance: Ice and dragon on his dragonites! Electric, ice, steel and water on Aerodactyl, water, electric and rock x4 weakness on charizard too! Electric should take out his Gyarados in one hit.. LOOK OUT FOR OUTRAGE, his lvl 50 dragonite has it!

ALSO, that may not be ALL weaknesses, but thats all I remember + dont forget to check your weaknesses against their Pokemon. I always forget that and end up getting KO'd.


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Why would psychics be good on aerodactyl? Also, grass does  only normal damage on gyarados because it is part flying type.
*Changed. Forgot Aerodactyl is part rock and Gyarapoop flying thingy ma jiggy is strong against Grass. It's defense is pretty low so physical attacks should do it. Or just electric for convenience sake. Thanks!
The problem with going for physical attacks against gyarados is that it has intimidate which cuts your attack.
Wow I should do some research before commenting and answering. but Gyarados is still pretty weak and you could KO it easily. Then again, JUST SHOCK IT WITH THUNDERBOLT!!!!