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E.g. [email protected] used by benga in White Treehollow/Black Tower.

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Ermygerd I might be wrong but these are the ones I think can be seen;
Legendary Birds
Legendary Golems
Eon Duo
Lake Guardians
I'm not sure but Sea Guardian Duo/Legendary Beasts/Regigigas might be able to be seen ingame. Not sure about these.
Anyway. You can see like Latios, Latias with Benga... and ones like Cresselia/Hetran... BATTLE TOWER OF COURSE. >:D. And subway. can't forget that. :3

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well, I thing it's zekrom, reshiram and kyurem are used in games. I don't really know for the games but, for the movie..... I know almost everything. do you know when latias is used on movie. latias is used by Nurse Joy in Pokemon DP: Nurse Joy Vs Forrest here's the link if you want to watch the video:

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