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i've planted berries last month (maybe even 2 months ago) and they have not grown yet! i've talked to someone in my Pokemon game and it said, no matter how many times you water a (i forgot) berry it will never grow more than 3 berries. so I'm guessing the more times you water one the more berries it will grow, but I think it makes them grow faster.
please tell me someone! I need you! I planted my FIGY berry in the ground! do you know how rare that berry is?! and my tamato. (and by the way, my game is ruby)

Which game is this? Some things differ from generation to generation.

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This is mostly likely because of your ruby's internal battery is dead. If there is the message saying, "the internal has run dry. The game can be played. However, clock-based events will no longer occur," appears before you start playing that means stuff like the growth of planted berries and the raffle in Lilycove City.

I've heard methods on charging or even changing your game, but most these tips are inconclusive

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I think QUITE awhile ago it has said that... Thanks atleast for answering! :)
Ha, it's kinda funny seeing my grammar 2 years ago... I say I've improved. Alot.
Maybe work on your spaces. . . Just joking