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I really want to play in it.

The previous comment was just copied and pasted ahh! but I have a lot of experience, I use dream radar all the time.

Things that you should know:-

It's actually 23 hours and 59 minutes and not 20 hours.

Change dates or times on your ds (this adds a 48 hour penalty of going back to Pokemon dream world.  So don't do this unless you want to be barred for 48 hours due to setting issues.

Only one Pokemon may be taken out be every log in e.g. every 23.59 hours.

You must grow berries otherwise you cannot progress further into the game.

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Players may access the Dream World by creating an account at Pokémon.com for international players, at the Pokémon Daisuki Club website for Japanese players, or at the Pokémon Korean site for Korean players. To have full access to one's account, players must first send a Pokémon to the Dream World by using their C-Gear's only Online feature, Game Sync. After doing so, players will have full access to the Global Link site. An account may only have one Pokémon Black and one Pokémon White game with access to it.
When doing certain actions for the first time, players are given a tutorial by Fennel. They may then explore the rest of the Dream World on their own. With the reopening of the Global Link site after the release of international versions of Black and White, players who had Japanese accounts prior to the reopening will be given tutorials once again. Players are also given the tutorial again when using a computer that they have not used for visiting the Dream World before.
Due to the number of people accessing the site at one time, players are given only one hour to access the Dream World every 20 hours. However, the website is occasionally under maintenance, prohibiting access.


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