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Hi. First of all thanks in advance if you can answer these! Reeeeallly appreciate it.

Also, this is funny. Right above here, they are showing me a list of questions to make sure this one wasnt asked already & the top one is a question asked by ME! lol

Anyway....chaining for shinies: I have been using repels but am still having my chains broken. I am not running from the battles.
Is it just random that they break sometimes? I dont think I'm doing any of the nonos.

One of the times that I was chaining, I got 3 Bibarels in a row then suddenly a Tauros I think it was called appeared. Not a shiny one. I dont think I understand why that happens that way. Something I'm not getting...?


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  1. You need to have the same Pokémon in order to chain, and you must catch it or make it faint.

  2. That is possible. You sometimes different Pokémon may appear. You can't gaurentee that the Pokémon will always be the same. A good tip is to go to the shaking grass furthest to the one you just encountered.

Hope this helps!


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"Kill it" no. "Make it faint" yes. Kill it sounds like you're talking something about a creepypasta thing.
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thank you.  both of these answers are really helpful.   I'd mention how little I know about Pokemon but I think I did that in my last couple of posts.  Thanksssss!
You're welcome. Glad to help! Everyone was once a rookie, but eventually, they become an expert!
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Trying to grasp shiny chaining was a pain for me, since there are a lot of things that can break your chain.

When chaining for shinies, you need to be able to differentiate between patches of shaking grass. Some grass just shakes differently, and it takes some time to figure out the nuances. Once you go into a shaking patch of grass, all subsequent patches MUST be shaking in the same way.

You also cannot walk out of your grid/ quadrant (see Smogon's guide below), otherwise the chain will be broken.

You can't switch off your DS. If you do, the chain is lost and you need to restart. Best way to take a break is just to charge your DS w/o switching it off. Also, don't get on your bike either. That breaks the chain.

Also, DO NOT walk into the patch of grass directly above you. Your player sprite's head (Dawn/ Lucas) will block your view of the patch of grass directly above you, therefore making you unable to see if it's shaking. If you walk into it and it's not the same type of grass you wanted, then your chain will be broken.

There's a whole lot of pedantic things that will break your chain, so look at the guides below for more eloquent explanations than I can manage:

Smogon's guide on Shiny Chaining

There's also this video which will demonstrate shiny chaining, and also this guide, which will cover the same things but in text.

thanks so much for your answer!