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It is Hasty Nature.
Other moves:

Draco Meteor
Focus Blast
Fusion Flare(going to be blue flare)
Dragon Pulse/Earthpower

Item I think should be Wide Lens

P.S.Has no good rock type move.

Instead of earth power  I would recommend earthquake
Sp Atk is better than Atk.

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Earth power is a great move, but since you are not running an attack hindering nature, Earthquake could go to but Earth Power is better on Reshiram. Although Stone Edge lacks in accuracy, it is a decent move to run on Reshiram since Reshiram has a base 120 Attack.

Earth Power checks one of Reshiram's greatest weakness, rock.


Earth Power is a great move to run on Reshiram

Good items to run on Reshiram
- Choice Specs. Everything dies to Fire Blast / Blue Flare in sun and Pokemon that resist it will have a huge dent when struck be a choiced Reshiram
However you are forced to use one move only, unless you switch out or get the item knocked off
- Life Orb is also a great Item to run on Reshiram since it moves will deal 1.3X extra damage.
- Although rare, expert belt can also do the trick when you are lucky to hit something supereffectively
- Leftovers is not a bad item that makes Reshiram survive a bit longer.This is good for a bulky set

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Thanks but would wide lens be ok?
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wide lens is good when you are trying to raise accuracy, but it is often prefered to raise Reshiram's Offensive Power. The  items have been edited in
Doesn't Life Orb increase the power of all moves by +30% aka x1.3.
oh yeah >.<, going to edit right away
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Im going to go out on a limb and say yes. While Dragon Pulse is a very good move,, with moves like Draco and Blue flare it doesn't matter a whole lot about conserving reliability. It also doesn't give any real coverage to Reshy, so it's basically a fail safe move it doesn't need.

Earth power however, does have some uses. One of them is covering rock types, which threaten Resh with moves like stone edge. It also means Pokemon like heatran don't wallyyou out too much. Plus, ground type is one of the best all round offensive type's, so it's not exactly a dead weight if yo
u don't have a particular use for it.

As far as set goes, just slap a on a choice scarf or specs. If you wanted too, an expert bt is a very good at bluffing choice items. So opponents will be much more cautious to switch. You can play around with evs a little bit.

Hope I helped!

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