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I traded my Eevee for a Growlithe in SS but now I want my Eevee back, but I cant get it back ( I regret that trade). So I want to trade the now Arcanine for my Platinum game's Espeon and breed it, but I don't know if you have to have something special to trade on those games or if you need to be in the same place. Help me!


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No you don't. Both are Generation 4 games and since there are no new Pokemon in SS their wouldn't be much point in having a special system. All you need is a second DS and a copy of both games.

If you meant do you need to get to a certain place or thing ingame then all.you need is the poke center after getting your first badge in both games or GTS again after reaching a certain town after getting your first badge.

Hope I helped!!

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thanks, now I can have all of the eeveelutions