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I am trying to complete my pokedex in black 2. I have white 2 but I cant find a rufflet. I am already on route 23 and I know how hard finding a rufflet is. Does anyone know how find one easily?

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Well if you Have White Version you can find a Braviary with its Dream World ability at Leve 25 on Route 4 on a monday, If you have Black Version I'm afraid the only way is by Trading...


Scroll down to the Part with The Braviary.

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Rufflet does only have a 5% chance of appearing on Route 23. If you get tired of running around through patches of grass, I suggest just trade for one, or wait until after E4 to complete your Pokedex.

There's that Braviary on Route 4 that appears every Monday, but then again you need to have beaten the E4 before you can go onto Route 3 and have access to the Day Care in order to breed for a Rufflet...

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