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I was just wondering if it was because they had a lot of energy and they were just raring to go and battle.

if you don't have an answer a simple "Because that's how Game Freak wanted it" would be okay.

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This is probably just to lessen the amount of energy they have. They share this trait with animals that tend to always have an active body. Stating that Pokemon are practically very powerful animals/creatures it is only normal that they try to find a way to do away with all that energy

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But even though you really don't want to hear this, only GAME FREAK can give you the definite annswer :P
and Pokemon that are not based of animals are have peculiar abilities such as levitate or that can levitate are probably just moving since it doesn't really look easy to levitate without moving a cell even though it is usually done by the power of your mind. As for most flying types they usually just fly around and those lf them that don't are moving because of the same reason I mentioned in my answer
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ik, I am on quite often but it is hard answering with my 3ds since the update since I am having Java script issues with it and then I have to re-type my answers and when I am done someone has answered solidly so I don't bother answering much when I am on my 3ds which is like 75% of my time on the DB. I can also not accces chat with it but I should be on chat  from 12 PM UTC tomorrow :)
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That's just how they move. It does kinda show they are energetic and ready to battle. Also, it is a way to know how your Pokemon are feeling and your friendship with them because when you talk to them they give a little face according to their friendship and health. Other than that, it's just Game Freak. Seriously though, don't question what they do as there isn't really a for sure answer for many of them.

Hope I helped! :)

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