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Im playing Pokemon Omega Ruby and I put my zubat in the daycare to catch it up to the team, when I took it out, for some reason whenever I win or knockout a wild Pokemon my zubat gains boosted exp why is this happening

Maybe you put a lucky egg on it for some reason. The only other explanation I can think of is that the mon is genned into the game which gains boosted xp even though youre the ot

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In XY or later, if a Pokemon evolves by a specific level-up threshold and is already at or above that threshold but remains unevolved, either by cancelling evolution, being naturally caught above its evolution level but in its unevolved stage, or by leveling up through a method that skips triggering evolution (such as day care), it gets 20% extra experience, and this bonus is sufficient to trigger the "boosted XP" message even if there isn't cause for one of the larger bonuses such as being traded or holding Lucky Egg.

In Zubat's case, it will start getting this bonus if it reaches level 22 or higher without evolving, but because Golbat is a happiness evolution rather than being pinned to a specific level, Golbat will never be eligible for it regardless of what its level or happiness are.

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