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Murkrow uses mean look,then it uses perish song.it then switches out to a wall so the perish count can pass by without the wall fainting

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No because Mean Look will not stay if you switch. But if you go into a Pokemon with Shadow Tag it might work.

Bulbapedia page on Mean Look

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Partially. The problem is Mean Look's affect along with any trapping moves (Magma Storm, Whirlpool etc.) or abilities (Arena Trap, Magnet Pull) end immedietly once the Pokemon who used it/has it switches out. If you want to use your strategy switch a little bit so you keep Murkrow in until the very last turn then switch out - that'll kill the opponent.

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No, the effect of mean look will only work if the Pokemon who used it is still in battle. You can use Protect until the last turn before the effect of Perish Song approaches, and then try to switch out. I hope this helps! -Jellohamster

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