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I hope Fennekin from the Kalos region doesn't evolve into another Fire/Fighting type

I think everyone is hoping that :)
thats how pokemon is no one knows probbebly coz they ran out of ideas :P
yep and People are getting really tired of fire starters evolving into fire/fighting
Probably because it was such a succes in Hoenn :) they were playing it safe, Like how they did with Legendaries since Rayquaza. e.g. Dragons
Because Game Freak is running out of ideas (Kidding).

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You're asking a question only Game Freak would know.

BTW my bet is Fenniken will be Fire / Psychic

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I think that's a pretty common rumour. I only say that because I'm sure I've heard it somewhere before. Either way we will find out in a couple of months.
Correct tought afterwards, why did you think that?
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Okay lets be serious here I don't think anyone can come up with the reason why Hoenn/Sinnoh/Unova all have Fire/Fighting Pokemon. When Gen III First brought in Blaziken we probably all thought it was cool, Sinnoh we were like meh, Unova we're quite annoyed now. :P
Maybe it's a recurring theme for Nintendo now :D
Fennekin learns Glow Punch. If that turns out to be a fighting move, and Nintendo makes Fennekin turn into a Fire/Fighting I'm going to jump out a window ;~;

I thought Infernape was really cool.
But yea, most people will pretend Gen VI never happened if Fennekin turns out to be Fire/ Fighting.
Of course most of us think of fighting types when we hear the word "punch" but dont forget... In generation VI there are new types... Moves like thunderpunch, firepunch and icepunch dont necessarily belong to fighting type pokemon. Who knows if there might be a new type in which glow punch fits in! :-D
I did drew a Pokemon named Kittorch and if Fennekin evolves into fire/Fighting then I won't make Kittorch evolve into fire/fighting but into fire/ghost probably. Kittorch is the fire starter I made, I also made a grass starter named Verglider and a water starter named Ducqua.                      
                                                                              Verglider is a sugar glider
                                                                              Kittorch is a kitten
                                                                              Ducqua is a duck
I too will jump out my window, and walk down to the shop to buy to the game.
What would be nice is if the starters are dual types which have yet to be made at all or at least never used by starters before.  I know it will be hard for water to have a dual type never used and same with grass since they already have so many dual types.
I hope fennekin is psychic/fairy
Chespin is Ground/rock
And froakie can jump of a cliff