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I was battling in small court in white version after I beat my game and I sent out my level 40 male umberon vs. a level 64 male glaceon because they were both evlove from eevee. Anyway, it used Blizzard and my Umberon lived by 1 HP, but it said it faited! And when I tried to heal it or switch out, the Glaceon used Ice Shard and then asks me what should Umberon do? Luckly, I saved my game before, so I tried it off. What happened!? Please help! Thanks! :)

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Sounds like a glitch. It could just be one you couldn't prevent, or it could be cause by hacking your Pokemon or game. I know this happens sometimes, but there is really nothing you can do about it other than shutting it off and hoping it doesn't happen again.

EDIT: I think Xtreme is right, it sounds like a known glitch, the Fainted Pokemon glitch. Harmless, the only way to stop it is to reset the game.

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I Just to let you know I don't my games or Pokemon. So it could just be a glitch.
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K, I'm confused. Did you edit too?
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This is a currently known glitch in black and white. I don't think it is harmful.


Hope this helps!

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