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You know when the both that I asked is in same type, little bit different power but, s-bomb has 30% of poisoning and s-wave has only 10% poisoning but,little bit more powerful. Same side effect. But, I'm confused. What should I choose?

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What Pokemon?
Every pokemon that can learn this move

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Sludge Bomb - 90 power, 100 Accuracy, 30% chance of poison and 10 PP
Sludge Wave - 95 Power, 100 Accuracy, 10% chance of poison and 10 PP

Yeah, they're really similar. But you'll need to ask yourself if you want 5 more base power or 20% more chance of poisoning. I personally choose Sludge Bomb as having the opponent poisoned is extremely helpful (20% > 5 power any day xD). Sludge Bomb is like Scald except more power, and Poison instead of Burn :D

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Depends on the Pokemon.

If the Pokemon is more offensive, such as Nidoking and Gengar, Sludge Wave is optimal for the power. Defensive Pokemon appreciate the Poison chance given from Sludge Bomb, because it helps wear down opponents.

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Sludge Bomb outclasses Sludge Wave in all ways except the little difference in power which will barely have any effect in the battle. I would say go for Sludge Bomb mainly for that extra chance of deadly poison that will completely turn the game upside-down.
Sludge Bomb is for this very reason also always used over Sludge Wave competitively since an intoxicated Pokemon will often be prohibited from sweeping.

So go for Sludge Bomb for that extra dazzle of intoxication :)

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It depends on which Pokémon really, and the type of battle. If it is doubles, sludge bomb is preferred. Sludge wave is for coverage with Pokémon who can't learn sludge bomb, such as seismetoad. Gengar, however has the choice of both, sludge bomb is preferred probably because of the poisoning effect or the hard way to get sludge wave. So, I would most likely choose sludge bomb.

Hope this helps!

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