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I know that psychic type Pokemon in generation 1 are not weak to ghost like their suppose to be and the bug types and their moves are kinda sucky. Would my Butterfree's confusion work to deal with them? I would like to know how to beat psychic type Pokemon in Generation 1 (Yellow). And I'd also like to know some tips on how to beat Sabrina. I'm about to start a Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke Challenge so I want to know ahead of time and don't mess up/die on her battle. It would also just help for normal play-through. I never actually beaten Pokemon Yellow before and I wanted to do a Nuzlocke so I decided to kill two pidgeys with one stone. Some help would be appreciated! Thanks!


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There are really only two decent bug type moves in Gen I, and confusion is not a bug type move. Its a psychic type move, which Psychic resists:

Twin Needle- Beedrill's signature move, it would be usable if A, Beedrill was not part poison type and weak to Psychic Attacks, and B, Beedrill was not slower than Sabrina's Pokemon

Pin Missile- This is learned by both Jolteon and Beedrill. Jolteon is a decent Pokemon, as it has high special attack and speed, but it does not really have the attack to fully utilize it. Beedrill, as stated above, is not to viable either

So what is one to do?

There are some things you can try to help in defeating Sabrina

1. Get yourself a Psychic Type: Psychic resists Psychic, the sole attacking type Sabrina uses. Psychic types also typically can take special hits well thanks to their good special stats. It is advisable you get a dual psychic type

2. Use powerful physical attacks: The Abra line, especially in Gen 1, are weaker on their physically defensive side. As such, it would be wise to beat down this opponent with a strong physical move, but as most physical attackers in gen 1 have poor special defense there is something you must do first

3. Status: Paralysis and Sleep can help in incapacitating the opponent's psychic type so that they may be elimated by your own psychic or a powerful physical move. Butterfree actually gets stun spore and sleep powder, so you are already in pretty good shape.

4. Level Grind: Each of Sabrina's three Pokemon, an Abra, Kadabra and Alakazaam are at a hefty level 50, and they are highly powerful for their level, especially Alakazaam. As such, it would be a good idea to level up all your Pokemon to a ludicrously high level, especially as this is a nuzlocke challenge and you dont want to lose any.

5. Be prepared for low accuracy: Sabrina's Abra and Kadabra both carry an accuracy lowering move, so it would be wise to remove them ASAP so that your Pokemon's accuracy is not lowered to ridiculously low levels, requiring you to switch it out.

Basically, the same strategy applies for beating all psychic types. Its good to have a psychic type or two or three of your own, and to inflict paralysis or sleep on the opponent's psychic, then ko them with powerful physical attacks like Earthquake or Hyperbeam.

Sabrina is an extremely tough gym leader, and will likely give you trouble, but I hope this helps you out a little, Don't limit yourself to my suggestions and best of luck to you :)

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Confusion is a Psychic Move in Gen I, along with no STAB... Butterfree also doesn't learn any damaging STAB moves in Gen I, so I wouldn't pit it against Sabrina.

Psychic types are only weak to Bug types in Gen I, and for whatever reason, Butterfree cannot learn any damaging Bug type moves. And hey, guess what? The strongest Bug move is Twineedle at base power 25, and the only Pokemon that learns it is Beedrill, who has a part Poison typing and is therefore weak to Psychic types.

While Psychic does resist its own type, the only fully evolved Psychic types in Gen I are Alakazam (needs to be traded) and Mr. Mime, both of which have a really sparse movepool and have few non-Psychic moves. Mr. Mime does learn T-bolt, but you're better off using something that has a STAB damaging move that isn't Psychic.

My advice would be to use something that takes neutral Psychic damage, probably your Pikachu who's your starter, since he'll be at the highest level. Basically, over train for Sabrina.

Thanks! Your answer helped too!
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I've found that Jolteon has good speed and good attack, it has been my go-to for taking out psychics as my Kadabra(have no link cable and can't trade) has no decent non psychic moves, T-bolt has worked great in the 30-40 range, if you were to give for say your pikachu Thunder that would be a stab tough enough to take her out I plan on giving my Jolteon Thunder and getting it to at least lvl 48-50 before facing her myself

Many psychic types have high special and won't take a lot of damage from thunder. Strong normal attacks are usually better.