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Hi, i'm playing Pokemon blue and I choose Charmander as starter. How the heck am I supposed to beat brock? My Charmander is level 9, nidoran (female) is level 9, and my level 7 Pidgey.

Challenging Brock with Charmander is like Ash Ketchum's first attempt on his Gym Challenge. Your Charmander loses due to Rock type resisting Fire type moves and Ash's Pikachu loses due to Electric type moves being immune to Ground types and somehow Ash's Pikachu is able to hit Brock's Onix with Thunder Shock on the second attempt.

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Battling rock types with a fire type can be frustrating... But thankfully, there are a few things you can do to be able to beat the first gym!

You are a bit under levelled
You would want to level up first. Levels 9 and 7 compared to his Pokémon, levels 12 and 14, would make it even tougher to defeat him. I would suggest going to about level 15-20, so you have an advantage.

Beat all the other trainers, then heal up
This way your team isn't already dented by the other trainers. Defeat all of them (you can take breaks in between to heal) and then heal up at the Pokémon centre before taking on Brock. Having a few potions handy during the battle could help as well.

His Pokémons' attacking moves are Tackle and Bide and Bind
Tackle can be less of a problem with on both his Geodude and Onix if you have potions or defeat them fast. When he uses Bide with Onix, you can use a non-damaging move, such as Growl, since Bide does double the damage that Onix takes, so by not attacking you won't take damage. With Bind, having potions would help since it lasts for many turns.

More tips
-Ember is a good way to attack them, since their Special Defence is terrible.
-Get more Pokémon. Butterfree and Mankey are good for early on (see below)
-Nidoran is a good choice, but if you manage to level it up it can evolve which is better
-Butterfree with Confusion can be good, since his Pokémon have bad special defence
-A Mankey with Karate Chop or Low Kick would work since it is super effective

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Saph, its bind not bide.
Bind and bide are two different moves. The Onix has both though, I'll edit that.
The only possible way it could have bide is if you teach it by TM, and I've never heard of gym leaders teaching their pokemon TMs besides the one they give you.
No, they can have TM moves.
sad part is, karate chop is normal type in gen1
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Preparing for battle

Get your Pokemon to level 13 at least, Brock's Geodude is level 12 and his Onix level 14. If you have the extra time, try to get your Pokemon to level 15+. If you have Pokemon with no attacking moves, put it at the head of your party, when you get into a battle switch it out for a Pokemon that has attacking moves. Keep doing this until the Pokemon with no attacking moves levels up and gets an attacking move. The process can be very time consuming, but you need attacking moves. make sure you have special attacking moves, his Pokemon have low Sp. Defense. If you want more coverage, get a Pokemon that is not weak to Rock or Ground types or that has moves that are super effective on Rock and Ground type Pokemon (Water, Grass, Ice, Fighting, Ice, and Ground)


Give Pidgey Quick Attack (it learns it on level 12). When you use Quick attack it will always go first. If you want to be really annoying for Brock, use sand attack two or three times on his Pokemon, when their accuracy is very low it will be very hard for them to land a hit on your Pokemon.


Make sure your Charmander has ember, it is a special attacking move. Both Brock's Geodude and Onix have low Special Defense. If you want to have your Charmander be a bit more protected from Brock's Pokemon, use Growl, it will lower the Pokemon you use it on Attack. For Onix, use Leer, it has a high defense, use leer to lower Onix's defense.


My only tip for Nidoran is to NEVER EVER use poison sting on Brock's Pokemon. Poison sting will do 1/4 damage on his Pokemon.

Defeating Geodude

His Geodude will likely raise it's defense because it has Defense Curl, which raises it's defense. Have Charmander lower Geodude's defense using leer, next use Ember on it.

Defeating Onix

Brock's Onix may be a bit tough because it has the move Bide. Make sure you defeat it before Bide lands a hit. If you don't think you will be able to defeat it before it uses bied, use Pidgey and spam sand attack until Onix's accuracy wont go any lower.

Extra tips

Avoid using Normal, Flying, Fire, Rock, and Poison. The only reason I suggested Ember (a fire type move) is because it is the only special attacking move you have currently. If you have another non poison special attacking move, try to use it. Try to avoid using physical attacking moves on Brock's Onix because it has a very high Defense.
Hope I helped!

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Metal claw
steel types were not introduced until gen2...
Thanks for the help!
I'm gonna spend my day furiously leveling my pokemon.
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For Pokemon yellow go to the patch of grass right outside pewter city catch nidoran (f) lvl it up to 12 so it knows double kick then you can take brock out in a few turns

Tip: if you want teach multiple nidorans (f) double kick just in case

Source: experience

He said PkMn Blue.
We all know that he/she has already defeated brock(the question was asked 4 years ago). So I think red answered so that if anyone playing yellow ever faces the same problem and sees this question they don't miss this tip or stretegy.
Exactly magicarp
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I found that catching a caterpie evolving it to metopod that way it has tackle then just beat other wild metopod and kakaunas until you get butterfree then lvl it to 13 for confusion works great for brock, a bit more time consuming but you'll walk right through it spamming confusion

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use the brock skip glitch if your starter is charmander

there's a video explaining the glitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynzSKiOZ_Ew