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So Absol can learn Mean Look as an egg move... How exactly do you accomplish that. I've read the breeding guides and have to admit that I must be a little dense on this subject :)


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There aren't many pokemon compatible with Absol to teach it mean look. Umbreon, Absol, and Smeargle are the only candidates. The easiest way to do it is Umbreon, since he learns mean look by leveling up. A female Absol bred with a male Umbreon will do the job and give it mean look.

Thanks! MY approach to chasing Legendaries around will be to encounter them once with a paralyzing move and then a second time with the Absol. They may still roar at me but it should reduce the amount of running around the countryside a bit. Now to get that Evee really happy... at night!
You can breed a Patrat/ Watchog to a femme Absol to get Mean Look.