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I want to shiny chain Wimpod, but it would be difficult without knocking its HP low and having it's ability activate. Will moves like Mean Look and abilities like Arena Trap work?

You could also breed for a Shiny, seeing as Ditto is easily accessible.  Do a regional swap through the GTS for easy Masuda Method.

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Yes, it does. I was grinding my Golisopod and this happened: - Golbat used Mean Look! - Hana Song used Liquidation! - Golbat used Air Slash! - Hana Song used Liquidation! Air Slash brought Golisopod down to below half health, but Mean Look kept her from fleeing.

So, after doing more digging on the internet (thanks sumwun), it turns out my memory was wrong. Moves like Mean Look and Spider Web do not stop Wimp Out/Emergency Exit from activating. I was totally wrong. If you want to catch Wimpod, I recommend either spamming Net Balls, or using Gastro Acid, Skill Swap or Worry Seed to remove Wimp Out.

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Hmm… I'm almost positive that she didn't switch out. Unfortunately it's hard to re-create the situation again… I'll do some more digging.
If you want to catch it, it's often easier to put it to sleep than to remove wimp out.