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As we all know in Gen 6, there will be battle in the air called Sky Battle, exclusive to Flying-type and Pokemon with Levitate ability. What will happens, if we use move like Roost or Gravity, remember Sigilyph is Psychic/Flying-type and also had Gravity move.
No need of definitive answer, just estimate.

Note: Every answer that at least make sense, even a little, will gain vote up.

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I don't know, as it is obviously unrevealed. It is very interesting though, and I'm excited to see what happens. This whole sky battle thing is pretty cool :3
My peronal theory is that during a Sky Battle those moves may fail. Although it is probably not right xD
Hope I helped :)

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So that's what it called? I thought it was called Flying Battle. Thanks! I will edit it.
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Well yeah like you said we have no idea
Also it's called Sky Battle :P

Anyway, my guess would be that the moves that remove flying type/levitate would either not be allowed in a flying battle or just fail when used. Or result in an immediete win (fat chance xD).

Lawl that's almost exactly what I said xD
yeah xD. but i accidently hid my first one :c
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My Illogical Theory

Okay, this is my illogical theory. :3
I think moves like Bounce and Fly (those sorts of Flying-type moves) will actually get more damage. I don't know, it seems like some sort of trend. Like think:
>This move's damage will increase if used in Sky Battle.

Just think - I think it could work. :O
Unless Game Freak is as illogical as my theory (I like saying the word illogical. :3) then Gravity has a 99.99% it will probably have a disadvantage, but there is also a 99.99999% chance that I'm wrong. Just think of the possibilities. xD

Also, moves that would otherwise be affected by Gravity would probably not work since they involve being up in the air (which really only affects moves like Jump Kick and Hi Jump Kick, which really isn't learnt by any Levitating Flying types)

I like my theories. Just letting you know since this is really long. ;3

Also - I can't believe this hasn't been mentioned but I think Sleep is negated. I mean, it might not be made due to Game Freak's logical issues but it might be something to think about.

And nearly lastly, the effects of the Air Balloon and the Iron Ball will be negated. (Or in that case, anything heavy.) :O

And (final one) - Ingrain will not work. There. Done. :D

I don't think I've helped since it helped, but...

I hope my theories enhanced your logical ideas in producing the negative and positive verdicts of certain strategies in the new Generation Six Poketto Monsutaa Ekkusu to Wai games, which have been romanized to Pokemon X and Y. :)

if you can stand up while sleeping you can fly while sleeping
LOGIC. :3 there is none.
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The new idea of "Sky Battles" was in my mind a great idea by Game Freak. I believe that Gravity will just fail. I also believe that the following moves will also fail,

  • Ingrain-no ground to plant roots
  • Surf-would be like spilling a glass of water, falling to the ground
  • Ally Switch-for the reason if it switched to a rock type, just as an example
  • And finally Fissure-No effect anyways

I wonder if Sky Attack will charge in one turn? Hope I helped