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Will you automatically switch out or something? sky battles are for flying types, but if you did that your no longer a flying type. . .
I forgot about gravity, please include that too.

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I believe nothing will happen, as sky battles can also be used by pokemon with levitate, like Haunter or Latios, who aren't flying types.
The Pokémon fall out of the sky and you black out.

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Gravity is a prohibited move in Sky Battles. If you try to use it, it will fail.

Roost is absent from the aforementioned list, so logic dictates that you can use it in a Sky Battle.

Most Flying-type Pokémon and Pokémon with the Ability Levitate are eligible for Sky Battles. They do not lose eligibility even if Mega Evolution or a move like Roost or Gastro Acid leaves them exposed to Ground-type moves.

I assume that Roost works like it normally does in a Sky Battle.

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cool? i think? sorry this took so long, i was at the store, but thanks! :)
You could try testing it on Showdown! to make sure.
Does Showdown! have Sky Battles?
It might. I haven't read the full list of formats in a long time.