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it makes no sense

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might be his width> Gyarados isn't as wide and he can go through the doors much the same way a flying snake would. Regigigas is kinda....fat.... for the doors. Just a possibility :P Nothing serious.

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Gyarados height is all in length, where as Regigigas is tall, not long and slender.

Hope this helps!

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Well acording to Pokemon its not...
Basically the game bans legandary Pokemon from going inside building along side a few more big Pokemon. If I remember corectly then I dont think that wailord can go inside and I'm not superised

But as garydos is not a legandary, it can go inside and as regigigas is legandary, it cannot go inside
(I think there are a lot of spelling mistakes here XD)

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then how come I can go indoors with pokemon like articuno, heatran and latias? theyre legendary too
I never said that all legandaries cant go in XD
Basically some pokemon are mesured but length... like garydos
Regigigas is really big like... hight wise

And also some legandaries are small so they can fit... just like mew, celebi, articuno, zapdos, ect
fair enough... thanks
Gyarados is 24 feet tall while Regigigas is something like 12 feet :P

But yeah Gyarados has det length thing going on.
I have the longest Gyarados here ;)