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I just bought Pokemon Red version and I'm really happy, but evrything is red. I was wondering if everything is supposed to be red cause of the version. But the thing is in Pokemon Blue everything is multi colored. I mean even my squirtle is red!!!


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Ask yourself these questions:

  1. are you playing on a game boy color, GBA, or an emulator? Because if you are, the game would be color, but it shouldn't be all red.

  2. where did you get it? Was it a reliable source? Was it used?

If you got it used, Most likely, it's a hacked cartridge hacked to be in red coloring. It could have other affects on the game, like if they changed anything so it look like some kinda creepy pasta. I if the previous user hadn't changed the Pokemon sprites or the story, at all or too much, you should still be able to enjoy a good game of Pokemon. I don't know a way to fix it. Look at Flame-Red's answer below for that.
Overall your game is hacked or changed in a way I don't know about.
Hope I helped!:)

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i got it from a yard sale so it could be hacked to look like that
I forgot to mention:
Source: Experience and my own knowledge.
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Everything isn't supposed to be red. There is supposed to be a way to change it.

Also is your gameboy new and what version is your gameboy.
Good luck! The Pokemon red maybe broken. Get a new one

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its a game boy advance and its really old