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Should I keep the primeape?

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I think you should stop using it so your other Pokemon can get more experience.

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Maybe Yes,if you want.

In Pokemon Red then are many gyms and Elite Four which resist and most of them are supef-effective to fighting types.So,it is not advisable to have one.
But still Primeape has a decent Spe and Good Atk stat.

But in Gen 1 however it doesnot learn much moves.

But I recommendyou to have Nidoking/Nidoqueen as a replacment of Primeape.
It has decent stats and gets a variety of moves to counter as many.

Nidoran can be obtained in the grass pathc before Mt.Moon or you can get it at the Safari Zone.
You wil need a Moon Stone which can be obtained at Mt.Moon.

[email protected]
Ability:Poison Point
-Double Kick
-Ice Beam/Thunderbolt/Surf

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Ability:Poison point
-Rock Slide
-Double kick/Body Slam

You can use any one of the above to improve your team but if you still think Primeape is needed just stick on to it as it depends on how you use it.

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Ability:Vital Spirit
-Rock Slide
-Karate Chop

Dig is to kill those Gastly and evolution because they are immune to Fight.
Karate Chop STAB
Thrash High damage dealt
Rock silde as a coverage against flying and Ice which you will encounter in Elite Four.

But still Nido King/Queen is the best optioin to go.

Hope I Helped


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Karate Chop is Normal in Gen 1. Items don't exist in Gen 1. The Nidos learn Double Kick at level 43. Why would you wait that long for Double Kick when you could use Submission? Ghosts are only in 2 areas, the E4 and Pokemon Tower. Dig is better on other Pokemon. Abilities don't exist in Gen 1 too.
Thanks for the suggestions
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That’ll depend largely on what TM’s you have left. Red/Blue/Yellow contains a lot of Pokémon that require TM’s to make up their best movesets (Primeape included), but for the vast majority of TM's, you can only find 1 throughout the whole game.

Typically the first offensive TM's that you come across in game are Water Gun (TM 12) and Mega Punch (TM 01), both found in Mt Moon. There are better offensive TM's available after this, however there is typically only 1 of each. Here's what I'd consider to be 'the list' of sought after offensive TM's in Red/Blue/Yellow:

  • Thunder Wave (TM 45, Route 24)
  • BubbleBeam (TM 12, Misty Gym)
  • Dig (TM 28, Cerulean)
  • Body Slam (TM 08, SS Anne)
  • Thunderbolt (TM 24, Surge Gym)

(Game becomes more open ended once reaching Celadon)

  • Ice Beam (TM 13, Celadon)
  • Rock Slide (TM 48, Celadon)
  • Tri Attack (TM 49, Celadon)
  • Submission (TM 17, Celadon Store)
  • Mega Drain (TM 21, Erica Gym)
  • Double Edge (TM 10, Rocket Hideout)
  • Horn Drill (TM 07, Rocket Hideout)
  • Hyper Beam (TM 15, Celadon, requires ~$100k in game coins)
  • Psychic (TM 29, Saffron)
  • Earthquake (TM 26, Silph Co.)
  • Blizzard (TM 14, Pokemon Mansion)
  • Fire Blast (TM 38, Blaine Gym)
  • Thunder (TM 25, Power Plant)

It's probably also worth noting that:

  • Surf (95 BP Water, best Water move in the game)
  • Strength (80 BP Normal, one of the best Normal Moves in the game)
  • Fly (70 BP Flying, one of the best Flying moves in the game)

... are available as HM's, meaning that they can be taught to infinite Pokemon, but they cannot relearn another move in that moveslot thereafter.

So! If you wanted to keep Primeape, that will depend on what on the list above, apart from Submission, is available to give to Primeape. Personally, I like giving it Dig/Rock Slide for the standard 'Rock/Ground coverage' set (a common physical moveset in Gen 1 that gets perfect neutral coverage and hits 7 types super effectively). However, if these TM's are taken, then you're pretty much left only with Submission, which is a pretty ordinary move by itself (even if it gets STAB). In which case, I'd ditch the Primeape.

As an aside: Primeape is better in Yellow than in Red/Blue. I wrote about in in my team/comment here (overpowered and easy going team for RBY) .

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Even if he/she/they/it still has the dig TM, wouldn't it be better to teach earthquake to the Snorlax and use that as the ground attacker? Why is Primeape still worth using when he/she/they/it can use Snorlax?
As I said: If said TM's were already taken, I'd ditch the Primeape. Snorlax could well be set up in a multitude of ways, including versions without Dig/Earthquake or Rock Slide (it could be set up as an Amnesia abusing Special attacker, for e.g.). We're lacking the context from the OP regarding their initial movesets.

If, however, Snorlax was set up as a 'Rock/Ground physical attacker' with Earthquake (and I think this would make the most sense, given that Vaporeon/Magneton/Gengar are special attackers while Charizard is mixed), then there'd be little reason to keep Primeape around, yes. But we don't know that!