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Which fighting type should I use for my playthrough?
If you need the rest of my team here it is.....

Or maybe I just skip a fighting type and add Jolteon or Dragonite?

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I'm pretty sure Jolteon is better than every fighting Pokemon in the game because thunderbolt is stronger than every fighting attack in the game. So just use that. Don't use Dragonite, because evolving a Dragonite is probably harder than beating the game without it.

Okay, thanks!
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If that was my team I would skip the fighting type and add dragonite. Primeape and HItmonlee are both good Pokemon but not the best especially for late game. Jolteon is good due to its high speed, Sp Atk, and Sp Def. The only problem is its lack of good moves based on leveling and most of the electric type moves it learns from TMs are learnt by leveling. That's why you should use Dragonite instead. It has high stats all across and has good moves. It can learn Hyper Beam and if you have the TM/HMs it can learn ice moves, fire moves, and electric moves. Those include Blizzard, Thunder, and Fire Blasts. With the HMs it can learn Surf which is really helpful when moving around but also quite strong in battle. That's why you should skip the Primeape/Hitmonlee and use a Dragonite. Also Jolteon doesn't get extremely good moves at low levels until Gen 6. In a few earlier gens (4 and 5) it learns Thunder at about level 70 and Discharge (gen 5) at about level 80. So go for the Dragonite.

I'm pretty sure Dragonite takes so much experience to evolve that a team with no Dragonite will have higher level Pokemon and be stronger than a team with Dragonite. A Pokemon that really is good at using moves like blizzard and thunder is Nidoking.
I agree with sumwun. Although Dragonite has incredible stats and movepool, its growth rate is horrible, so you’ll have to do a bunch of grinding just to actually get Dragonite before the Elite Four. And even if you are willing to grind that much, it would probably be more beneficial if you just level grinded your other Pokemon anyway.
Oh you are right. It is hard to evolve Dragonite but when you do it has good stats. Nidoking is also a good pokemon that would fit the team. But out of the original pokemon stated Dragonite would be the best choice if you got it to a good enough level. Thanks for checking this it is always good for people to have more than 1 option.
Thanks for the feedback and I will be picking up Jolteon, but where do you get an Eevee anyways?
Celadon City, I think
I read you comments and changed my mind. Jolteon is a good pokemon and if you use it evolve it as soon as you can because it starts learning moves at level 27 and it has the same growth rate as Eevee.