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I've beat the fighting gym in saffron and I have to choose between Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan.
Which one should I choose?

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Dont you need to fight sabrina next who has pokemon who are way more effective to fighting (not saying you shouldnt choose one)
I did beat her

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Hitmonlee has more attack and speed, while Hitmonchan has slightly more defense.

Overall, I would go with Hitmonlee because of that high attack and a better movepool. But if you wanted coverage of more types (ice/fire/thunder punch), Hitmonchan is the definite way to go.

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Hitmonlee is definitely better in Red because it has higher speed and higher attack. At the time of Gen I, those stats (120 & 87) were extremely high. Later in gens !V and V, you might want Chan.

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