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I already have a primeape but am considering to swap it for either a Hitmonchan or a Hitmonlee, or should I leave it for now and take it later once I have beaten the game and ev train it?


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Well I prefer Hitmonchan because at Black/White it gets unburden and Works perfect with normal gem and Fake out. You can also give him strong moves such as Hi-jump kick and blaze kick. Also he has slighty more attack than Hitmonlee and with unburden he becames a perfect sweeper.

Hitmonlee gets Unburden, not Hitmonchan.
And at this point, he wouldn't be able to get the ability anyway, As you have to actually obtain the pokemon from the dream world to get the DW ability, so it couldn't be the same one he got then.
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Well, I'd use Hitmonlee as he has great Attack, Sp. Defense, and decent Speed and HP to make a great tank. Hitmonchan isn't as great as he just really has better Defense.

That better defense making him a useable tank, They both have equal base stats and are equal matches, Hitmonchan is  a Tank, and Hitmonlee is a sweeper.

No need in saying a pokemon is better just because it plays a different role in the meta game, sweeping isn't everything.
I guess you're right, but I'd still use Hitmonlee. I guess it depends on your team, whether you need a tank or sweeper.