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When playing online against others, I notice that Pokemon above the level of 50 are rounded down to 50, and Pokemon who are below 50 remain the same. So when playing online, are all your EVs on your Pokemon rounded down to what they were at 50? I'm unsure as to what I need to do to maximize my Pokemon's statistics before I play online.

Example: I have a Vulpix. I will level her up to 50. Should I go any further? Like will any statistic I gain (other than moves) after 50 matter when I enter online battles?

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EVs aren't "rounded down". A Level 5 Pokemon can have 508 EVs if you trained it correctly.

Its the stats that are lowered. Essentially, if you enter a battle with a level 100 Mienshao that is fully EV'd trained but its level is set to level 50, its stats will still have the boosts from all the EV training that you did. It's just that your Pokemon is now at what its stats would've been at level 50 while being EV trained.

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At around what level would all 510 Evs be applied?  I don't want to level up every single pokemon I use for online play to level 100.
With the 6th Gen's Super Training function, you could theoretically have a fully EV trained pokémon at lv1.

That said, you'll probably want to train them until they evolve.
I use horde training with power items + pokerus.  So my pokemon usually have all Evs at 20ish.  When I level them up to 50, will they have all EVs applied to the base stats?
lol my wording isn't the greatest.  Here's my ultimate question.

If I have a fully EV Trained Slowpoke, Adamant, 252HP, 252Att, 6Def, 31 IVs, and level it to 50, will it be any inferior to someone who has the EXACT same Pokemon + stats and EVs, but levels it up to 100 and then battles it online?
Once their EV's are maxed out, they'll have all EVs applied to their stats no matter what the level the next time they level up after gaining the EV's. If in a battle they're automatically raised or lowered to a certain level (usually 50 or 100) they'll have the base stats they're supposed to have on that level along with the EV's they have in those stats.

Short version: If EV's are maxed out, they'll have the best stats they can have at their current level.
If you maxed out EVs at level 20, the EVs will ALWAYS be maxed, unless you use EV reducing berries to reset them.

Once used up, EVs are permanent on a Pokemon until you reset them manually.