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You might want to say what I'll need like... an HD Camera or something.

You mean a walkthrough video type thing? I've never heard them called Let's Players before OTL.
Let's Players are people who cover everything in walikthroughs.
It's the one's titled 'Lets play (insertwhatevergameis)' i suppose.
I can see why you made it player, but that just sounds  so dodgy xD

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Visit this website. On the Let's Player "Munching Orange" youtube profile, he wrote this was the website where he learnt everything, so it will help you too :)


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Ofc I am slower than you.
You'll need humor importantly. People won't look your videos if you're boring and you need to give information. Not just talking nonsense per example.
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If you are going to play on an emulator. Which is easier for recording in my opinion. You just need a screen recorder. Screen recorders are legal so I guess I can link some of them. The most screen recorders are free and some emulators has built-in screen recorders.


Top 5 Windows recorders


10 Mac screen recorders


10 Linux screen recorders