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I need help with understanding truant

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It means "every alternate turn". So Slaking will attack on one turn, but he will always "slack off" on the next turn. Then attack, then slack off and so on like that.

There is nothing you can do to work around this. The only real strategy in battle is to switch in, attack, and switch out again. You still lose the turn this way but you can usually avoid a bit of damage.

You can work around his ability. Gastro acid takes care of that.
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The Pokémon can't attack on consecutive turns.

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Basically, Slaking cannot attack two turns in a row. It will be like this:

Turn 1:Slaking used Facade!

Turn 2:He's loafing off!

turn 3: he used focus punch

Turn 4:He's loafing off.

and so on...

Do you know what would happen if it used a charge up move like solar beam???
It won't work