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I've been getting into Doubles lately, and the following lead have kicked me in my lower regions way to many times:

Thundrus @ Electric Gem/Leftovers
Trait: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 32 SAtk / 204 SDef / 20 Spd
Calm Nature
- Thunderbolt
- Thunder Wave
- Hidden Power [Ice]/Subsitute
- Taunt

Hitmontop @ Fighting Gem/Leftovers
Trait: Intimidate
EVs: 126 HP / 132 Spd / 252 Atk
Adamant Nature
- Close Combat
- Fake Out
- Feint/Sucker Punch
- Wide Guard

Thundurus effectively stop any setup and cripple just about anything else with T-Wave whilst Hitmontop makes short work of most physical attacker and gives Thundurus more room to cripple with. At the same time, both are more than capable of inflicting devastating damage to the opponent.
So my question is, can this dynamic duo be safely stopped? And if so, by what?

Thank you for asking the question Flafpert. I was actually thinking of a few Pokemon that could counter but I will look through them again. I am not sure though since the ability that could make this work is quite unusual
I'm happy for any idea.
My guess is using your own Hitmontop and Thundurus to counter it. That is my only idea so far. :P
^ and run 4 more speed EVs >:D
Speed creeper Thunderus >:D

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Well I am a victim of TopThundy myself and I was also wondering what could stop this annoying duo. I am almost sure that this lead can wall TopThundy. Anyway here it is:


Rotom @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature

  • Volt Switch
  • Shadow Ball
  • Hidden Power [ICE]
  • Trick

Well Trick will force Hitmontop into using Fake Out until it's switches out whiles it will lose it's gem meaning that it wouldn't hit that hard with Close Combat. Volt Switch is to switch out to a safer option should it be needed. Hidden Power ICE is to deal some damage against Thunderus. Shadow Ball is a more powerful STAB that will deal some damage against common doubles Pokemon such as Jellicent, Dusknoir, Cresselia etc..

Amoonguss @ Black Sludge/ EDIT: Mental Herb

Trait: Effect Spore
EVs: 252 HP / 88 Def / 52 SpAtk / 116 SpD
Calm Nature

  • Spore
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Rage Power
  • Protect

Well I was thinking of Effect Spore over Regenarator just to cripple a lot of physical sweepers into sleep as there is a vast 30% chance of any Pokemon hitting Amoonguss to fall into a deep sleep. However I am aware that Regenarator is often prefered over Effect Spore. Spore is just incase Hitmontop doesn't fall asleep whiles using Fake Out. Sludge Bomb is a nice STAB move should Amoonguss get taunted by Thunderus (notified by X-Charizard). Rage Power is to help Rotom avoid any dangerous, threatening move. Protect is just to avoid the any moves that Amoonguss doesn't appreciate.

I think this could actually work out but I am not 100% sure though

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ty Flafpert, I am still thinking of ideas though :)
Wait, I just might have a solution to this. What about giving Amoonguss the Mental Herb? It will no longer be taunt bait :D
I am pretty aware that Amoonguss prefers Leftovers but the Mental Herb will act as a suprise factor to many taunters. However it sucks that it can inly be used once, but it is worth the turn though
The Mental Herb is a nice idea, but now you messed up the EVs mate :P
lololol, how didn't I see that xD